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Les Menuires and Three Valleys Lift Passes

Below is all the information you need to decide which lift pass you should order – Les Menuires or Three Valleys.

Just to make it easier for you once you’ve decided which lift pass you need, we can order your passes for you at the same price as you would pay directly.

We will have it ready in your chalet for your arrival and we’ll be sure to get you the best deal depending on your group size and ages.

Six day ski pass prices 2018-2019 (main season)

Adult Three Valleys: €291
Adult Les Menuires: €235

Which Lift Pass should I buy?

We recommend that any skier/boarder of intermediate standard and above should opt for a full 3 Valleys pass, which gives access to the whole ski area of 600km of pistes.

Those who don’t usually ski so far afield will find plenty of skiing in the Belleville Valley which includes Val Thorens.

Beginners may be better suited to the local Les Menuires/St Martin lift passes.  You can easily upgrade your pass to a larger area at any time at the lift pass office.

Family lift passes offer a very cost effective option for families with children aged 17 and under (2 adults plus at least 2 children), Senior passes for those who are between 65 and 74, Tribu passes are the cheapest way to buy 3 or more of the SAME adult passes, or Duo if just 2 adults need the same pass.

Free passes are available for children less than 5 years old and for seniors age 75 and over.  We need to have a copy of your passport for these passes so will ask you to send a copy or image before you arrive.

We will always make sure that we buy the cheapest possible combination of passes available for your party.

Click here for Lift Pass Prices 2018-2019

What is Carré Neige?

Carré Neige is a basic insurance policy offered by the lift pass company that covers the cost of being rescued by pisteurs or helicopter, taken off the mountain and to the nearest medical centre.  Once you arrive at the medical centre, treatment costs are not covered so you do need other insurance.  If required, the cost of an ambulance to transfer you from the medical centre to hospital is covered by Carré Neige.  If you already have winter sports insurance then Carré Neige may not be required – just check that you are fully covered for rescue transport off the mountain, and bear in mind that Carré Neige removes the need for upfront payment (as with other insurance).

Please Note: By ordering your lift passes through us, you are authorising Talini Limited to purchase these items on your behalf.  You understand that Talini Limited is not responsible for any of the services being provided and that your contract is with the end supplier.  In particular but not exclusively where guiding, instruction or transport services are being provided, we are not responsible or liable for the services of the provider.

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