Bumper snowfall in March

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Huge amounts of fresh snow in the Three Valleys

The snow depth reaches over 2 metres at the top of the mountain, with a fresh 30-40cm in resort, making St Martin de Belleville even more picturesque than ever!

Snowy dog walks through the beautiful forest are one way to enjoy all this lovely new snowfall, but of course the team are extremely excited to get some powder runs in. St Martin has some nice, accessible off-piste skiing for those interested in exploring away from the pistes.

We would highly recommend using the local Bureau des Guides or taking a lesson in off-piste skiing if you’d like to experience the sheer joy of making those powder turns that you see in the ski videos… Anyone who has tried to get up after falling over in deep snow will know that the technique for skiing powder is quite different to carving on piste!

Top tips for skiing powder:

If you don’t know where to go, or what to do, PLEASE take a lesson, take safety equipment and know how to use it.

Keep your balance over both feet and place your skis closer together than you would on piste (it makes a bigger surface area)

If you find a gentle untracked place, ski slowly along and you’ll feel a natural little bounce or lightness. At the top of this ‘bounce’, turn! There’s less weight on your skis at this point so you skis will turn more easily.

Check out New Generation’s off piste skiing video and you’ll see how the pros do it!




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