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Ski Talini offer luxury catered ski chalet holidays in St Martin de Belleville, in the Three Valleys. Ski Talini offer friendly and professional service, and food fit for foodies. We’ve compiled a list of Ski Talini news articles to keep you up to date with Team Talini and our chalet offering in St Martin. So whether you’re a Ski Talini regular, or are considering choosing us for your next ski holiday, have a read of some of the Talini-focused content.

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January snow! £595 holidays

We have snow!

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Well, the winter has certainly arrived here in St Martin. Late last week, big fat white flakes started falling from the sky, making our picturesque village into a winter wonderland overnight. With more snow until Monday (4th January) and 79cm due from Wednesday night onwards, our guests are in for a treat with nicely maintained pistes […]

Snow forecast December2015-January 2016

Snow is on its way!

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The piste maintenance teams have been doing a truly incredible job of keeping a large ski area open for business in the Three Valleys. Artificial snow has been topping up what fell a couple of weeks ago and thanks to the high altitude and cooler temperatures, there’s still plenty of pistes open for skiers to enjoy. […]

Vitello Tonnato at Cucina Angelina

Cucina Angelina – our new favourite lunch venue

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  The mountain restaurants of the Three Valleys are great. From good value self-service pit-stops to Michelin star cuisine, there’s a huge selection of hearty and refined French food available to skiers. But the city girl in me gets a wee bit tired of seeing the same old alpine tartiflette – a delicious, but devilishly […]

Chalet Polaris -luxury catered ski chalet in St Martin de Belleville

Christmas and January deals

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Looking for some amazing Christmas discounts and January ski deals? If you click through to our Bookings page you’ll see the following discounts: Christmas: 20% off a catered week of skiing! A week in a luxurious chalet with decadent dining now has a huge 20% discount! Read more about Christmas with Ski Talini here. Only have a few days […]

Beautiful new mugs from a wonderful pottery

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Yesterday afternoon a bit of retail therapy seemed the perfect celebration of the completion of last year’s accounts. As a dedicated fan of the humble cuppa, I have always been particular about the vessel in which my tea is delivered! To that end, since the beginning of Ski Talini I have stocked our chalets with […]

Luxury chalets in St Martin de Belleville

Welcome to our new website

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WELCOME to our very first blog on our brand new website… We’ve such a lot of new things to tell you about! Where to start? Let’s begin with the new site – by now you’ll have had a little look around and taken in all the pretty finishing touches of the new design. We hope […]

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