Shopping for nobbly carrots – our chefs source the best ingredients at our local Market

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Shopping at Moutiers Market is a colourful experience for our talented chefs…

At Ski Talini, our foodie sensibilities lie at the heart of our catered chalet holidays. Sourcing the best quality and most interesting ingredients means that our talented chefs can pull out all the stops to impress.

With that in mind, each week our chef team heads along the windy road with Delilah and Doris (our reliable Land Rover Defenders!) and down to our nearest town to grill the fishmonger on their freshest catch and sniff out the plumpest heads of garlic.

Ski Talini chefs shop in the local marketEven at interview stage, our chefs are excited to hear that part of their weekly shop will take place in Moutiers Market; bustling alongside the locals to discover the latest delights is a real highlight of the role and really gets their creative juices flowing.

Le Marché de Moutiers is a twice-weekly rendezvous in the cobbled church square: a colourful union of produce ranging from bundles of delicate green herbs to stacks of rust-red potimarron squashes. Even on grey, wintry mornings it’s a colourful place to be, and there’s always a smile from the stallholders who are rubbing their gloved hands together and breathing clouds of vapour as they look forward to their coffee.

There are incredible selections of locally-produced cured sausages, cheeses from all over France and fresh eggs as well as tempting breads, cakes and biscuits. Some of the stalls are tiny and are looked after by the growers themselves, who bring just 4 or 5 things along depending on what’s happening in their smallholding. One week its rhubarb, guinea fowl and strawberries, later in the season 5 types of apple, walnuts and bottles of fresh tomato sauce. The freshest, softest goats’ cheese comes from a local farm where you just know that the farmer knows the name of each creature.

Mushroom-season (as it is at the moment, with golden chanterelles the star of one stall this week) sees the arrival of a useful mushroom identification stall, which labels the good, the bad and the downright ugly of nature’s funghi so that keen foragers can learn to distinguish the tasty treats from the toxic terrors!

Our favourite stall is the Albertville-based producer which stocks a select range of locally-grown produce, all from the Savoie region. When we visit on lazy summer mornings, we hail the first arrival of little round courgettes or fat stripey aubergines. Tomato season sees great swathes of shining red baubles: gigantic ribbed Marmandes sit alongside teeny cherry plums in yellow, coral and scarlet. In the winter, our chefs pick through the heritage beetroot to find the golden and pink varieties which combine in beautiful salads or relishes to be served with cheese or a smoked salmon starter. The best from the nobbly yellow, purple and orange carrots might be turned into bright crisps to garnish your plate, or braised Vichy-style in stock, butter and a touch of sugar.

After the eyes and fingers have done their work, it’s time to reward the tastebuds. Our favourite coffee spot is the Italian delicatessen just around the corner from the main market, where you could easily sit and linger all morning over your cappuccino if there wasn’t cooking to be done!

Read a sample menu from one of our catered chalets, or click to find out more about chef jobs.

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