How to put ski boots on – the proper way!

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The correct way to put ski boots on

If you’re a first time skier or just find it a hugely annoying struggle to squeeze into your ski boots on, then help is at hand! There’s a really good technique which involves sliding your foot in diagonally which makes the whole process much easier.

Our friends at The Boot Lab (specialist boot fitters in Courchevel and Meribel) show us the proper way to put your ski boots on. Gavin, one of the company directors, gives us the following advice:

How to put ski boots on - The Boot Lab

It’s wise to ensure your boots are room temperature before you start, and ensure your toenails are trimmed! Pull your socks up high then stand up (don’t sit down) with your boot on the floor. Make sure the boot is wide open with buckles undone and tongue pulled out and down towards the toes.

Now slide in your foot diagonally: outside top to inside bottom. Your foot should slip in quite easily using this technique.

To do your boots up, ensure everything is in the correct place (shell outside the tongue, nothing twisted). Start with the top two shin buckles until they’re quite tight, the pull the top power strap up tightly. The bottom two clips are mostly for keeping water out, rather than stability, so do them up more loosely (one finger pressure to do them up should suffice.)

Now think about how they feel. Are they too loose? Go up a notch or two on your top two buckles. Are they too tight? They should feel snug, but if you feel that they’re cutting off your circulation then loosen the buckle one notch. You can always tighten them after your first run if you feel you have a little too much movement.

If you have to do up the bottom two buckles to their tightest setting, then the boots are probably too big for you! Come and see us if so: 90%  of our customers ski in boots at least one size too large – often two and sometimes three!) which can cause redness, blisters, black toenails, bashed shins… We can help!”

At Ski Talini we highly recommend the services of the Boot Lab team, who have helped numerous friends and guests (not to mention ourselves!) to make adjustments to their existing boots to improve fit, or to start form the beginning and get the ideal custom-fitted boot which makes a huge difference to technique as well as comfort.

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